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Reasons to Choose Newton Heath

  1. Better coaching -- Every club says it has the best coaches, but read Coach Pointon's testimonials. If your child currently plays for another club, can you honestly make these same statements about your coach? If you are new to club soccer, shouldn't you like your coach as much as these people like Coach Pointon?  On-field player development is just one aspect of Dave's coaching expertise.   He also excels at identifying coaching talent, so you can rest assured that as the club grows, your child will always have a top-quality coach.

  2. Commitment to player development -- Your annual player fees should get you more than a membership; they should should get you steadfast commitment to doing whatever it takes to make your child the best soccer player (s)he can be. Player development is a tricky issue because kids develop along different curves; thus, there is no set "playbook" on how to develop players.  And to be fair, Newton Heath takes a long view on player development.  We care much more about how improved your child will be in three-to-five years than about how much better they will be at the end of this season.  Still, If your child currently plays for a club and his/her team hasn't moved up at least one division in the past two years, chances are good that your club isn't paying proper attention to player development.

  3. Like-minded teammates -- Newton Heath isn't for everybody.  It's for those players possessing a desire to work hard to improve, current skill level notwithstanding.  A strong work ethic is infectious and a powerful development tool. At NH, everyone around you will be working diligently toward the same goal -- becoming a better soccer player. 


The Bottom Line

If you are 100% happy with your current club, then don't mess with a good thing -- stay. However, if you have any doubts about whether your club is doing all it can/should be doing to develop your player, then sign up for a Newton Heath tryout, talk with Coach Pointon and, generally, kick our tires.  We think you'll see and feel a difference.

If you are new to club soccer, don't let our focus on player development and work ethic intimidate you.  Soccer is a game and should be fun. At Newton Heath it is fun, but there is a purpose to it as well.  We will be happy to provide references from the parents of current players upon request.

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